Cody Kraus

Cody Kraus, Broker

Speaks: English






Cody entered the world of real estate at 18 years old, bringing with him a fresh
energy and professional insight. Now, as a broker with 6 years of experience, his
desire to deliver an honest service has allowed him to assist many families
looking for re-sale residential property.

Having successfully completed multiple real estate investment courses, and
even flipped houses himself, Cody is constantly furthering his real estate
education to better understand and serve your unique needs. Through
experience in building his own rental portfolio he helps investors build (or digress)
their own portfolios through rental properties & flips. In addition, he is well versed
in buying and selling farms, new construction, condominiums, vacant land, and
commercial property. With only the client’s best interest in mind, Cody provides
professional business advice, coaching his clients with real world advice through
lessons he learned himself.

“The absolute best part of my career is hearing from happy clients a second,
third, or fourth time! Being able to help them find the perfect property at the
right price for that point in their life … gives me peace, knowing that I helped
serve & represent them to the best of my abilities in each opportunity.”
A life-long resident of Essex County, residing in Kingsville, Cody spends most of his
spare time with his loving wife, daughter and their dog (a vizsla you may have
the chance to meet at one of your appointments). He also enjoys golf, hockey,
baseball, going to concerts, visiting family and spending time with his friends
riding motocross, shooting or hunting. He especially loves leading the young
adults group at First Lutheran Church in Kingsville, and sending out his daily
devotional texts to other Christian men.

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