Make sure the next chapter is your best one yet.

You're in a season of big changes!

So the sale of your home really needs to go well.

That pressure, plus all the uncertainty, is enough to make most home owners consider staying put:

  • What if the timing's not right?
  • What if we price wrong and sell ourselves short?
  • What If everything falls apart at the last minute, and I'm stuck?

Fortunately, there's a better strategy than holding your breathe, crossing your fingers, and hoping for the best.

You can exhale now. We've got your back.

Think of us as your expert partners, walking you through every step of the way.

Here's what has our clients moving into the next chapter thrilled and confident, without second guessing their sale:

Our Custom Plan

We get to know your home, your goals, and what you want your life to look like after the sale. Then, we pass our knowledge on to you so you’re informed on everything you need to know to make the right decisions.

Our Proven Process

Nothing catches us off guard. We've got a smooth process for everything from the perfect first impression, to timing, marketing, and negotiation – and we customize it to your goals.

Our Team of Experts

We are dedicated full-time real estate agents and support staff with well-over 100 years of combined experience. That means you get more than one person’s advice; you get the experience of an entire team of experts.

What does all that get you?


When the sale of your home is too important to leave up to chance, go with a sure thing.


Top performing agency in Canada


Top performing agency globally


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It's more than a transaction.

It's about helping you make the right move.


Phase 1: The Plan

The payoff is in the planning.

We’ll get to know you and talk about your expectations and challenges, so we can work together to prepare a plan to list and sell well for the best possible outcome.

Phase 2: The Support

The seamlessness is in the support.

We’ll be your on-call teammate, walking with you through the process from listing, to showings, to getting the right deal (and every important detail along the way).


Phase 3: The Sale

The celebration is in the sale!

We’ll have your back through closing and beyond – to make sure you’re moving forward satisfied, confident, fully informed, and moving on to the next chapter – your best one yet.

So take the first step toward a strategy for selling smart today.
You're just three phases away from your best chapter yet.

Selling doesn't have to mean stressing.

Here's how we break it down into three simple phases.


So take the first step toward a strategy for selling smart today.
You're just three phases away from your best chapter yet.

Need to sell and buy?

Sell then buy? Buy then sell? Financing? Bridge loan? We understand how confusing it all seems.

There's no need to double down on drama. Talk to an expert at The Local Home Team for a proven process to make selling and buying a seamless transition.

Moving is hard, and selling your home is a big deal.

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a realtor which adds even more stress.

We work hard to make The Local Home Team your easy first choice. Our full time real estate agents and support staff are dedicated to your success everyday. We’re a knowledgeable team with the ability and know-how to customize the right selling strategy for you.

We want to help you close this chapter the right way, and begin the next one with peace and confidence.

Don’t make the selling process
harder (and riskier) than it has to be.

Contact us today to ensure you go from SELLING with uncertainty to SOLD with confidence.

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